We believe our patients deserve a great experience and quality treatment while in braces. For us, that means we care about the brackets we use.

A Great Experience With Braces

We are always looking for new technology to give our patients the best experience possible. We believe the brackets we use for our braces offer that and more.

Fewer Office Visits

Our brackets help straighten your teeth quickly with gentle consistent forces. That means you will need fewer trips to the office! We understand how precious your time is.

Precise Control, Better Results, Less Time

Dr. Freeman has precise control over straightening your teeth, speeding up tooth movement. This allows us to achieve amazing results in less time than ever.

A More Comfortable Smile

These aren't your parents' braces. Due to the unique design of our braces, they are smaller, less irritating to wear, and much easier to clean. This means less discomfort for you.

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