At Freeman Orthodontics we're always looking at the latest technology to make our patients' lives better.

With Dental Monitoring, you can now keep track of your progress at home! This technology saves you trips into the office and allows us to use AI to monitor oral hygiene, treatment progress, and appliances!

Remote Monitoring

No matter where you happen to be, with Dental Monitoring, you can easily keep monitoring your treatment and oral condition remotely with us.

Visualize Your Smile

With the power of AI technology, you’ll be able to see your smile evolve. We love Dental Monitoring because it makes it easy to stay engaged and motivated in your treatment!

Easy Communication

It's easier than ever to communicate with Dr. Freeman! Using the Dental Monitoring app on your smartphone, talk through treatment instructions, ask questions, and more!

Fewer in-person appointments

But more check ins! Instead of visiting our office, we check in with you virtually — and regularly. No more taking off work or rushing to your appointment!

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