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Whether you are an adult, a teenager, or a child – getting orthodontic treatment is an investment in your future dental health. The more you can do to preserve the beautiful changes in your teeth, the happier you (and your wallet) will be. At Freeman Orthodontics, our team will talk with you before and during your treatment about retainers and the importance of wearing them after your braces or clear alignment treatment is finished.

What is the “Retainers Are for Life Program”?

We know that accidents happen, and your retainers can be lost, thrown away, or even chewed by your pet. Or perhaps you need an extra set to keep at home or bring on trips? Wearing your retainer is the only way to guarantee your new beautiful smile.

Unlimited Retainers for 10 Years

10 years is a long time – and we want to make sure your teeth are covered for the entire decade! If you are interested in the Retainers for Life program, here is the pricing info:

Membership $895
Membership, if joined before starting treatment: $100 off = $795
Retainers (top OR bottom) Office fee: $350 Copay: $30
Retainers (top AND bottom) Office fee: $700 Copay: $60


And here are more specifics:

  • This program is only applicable for patients completing full orthodontic treatment at Freeman Orthodontics and valid for 10 years following the completion of your treatment.
  • The Retainers Are for Life Program is limited to Invisalign-type retainers and does not apply to Hawley, permanent, specialty retainers, or retainers that include pontic (fake) teeth.
  • By choosing our Retainers Are for Life Program, you will pay $895.00 up front and have as many replacement retainers for 10 years for just $30.00/top or bottom retainer or $60/top and bottom retainer. The one-time fee of $895.00 can be added anytime during the course of treatment.
  • If you choose our Retainers Are for Life Program BEFORE the start of your treatment the cost decreases to just $795.00 and can be added to your contract!

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