You’ve probably noticed things have changed around here…

As you can see, we just finished revamping our online presence (and our photos…and our videos!) and we couldn’t be more proud. We hope you love what you see because Freeman Orthodontics is now a member of the 21st Century online!

But why even build a new website? 

We feel like that’s a pretty easy question to answer.  We love what we do. We love treating people. We love serving the communities of San Jose with absolutely amazing Orthodontic Care. We take pride in giving the people in our community the beautiful smiles that they want and deserve, with a customer service experience that is amazing…every time. Our website should be an extension of our office and should show anyone who happens to end up here what we are all about. It should express the quality and experience you have always expected from us!

A big part of displaying what quality treatment looks like is for our website to be useful and relevant!

Our old website wasn’t expressing any of those things.  We truly believe that what our patients get from Freeman Orthodontics is extremely unique, not only in orthodontics but also unique to almost every service business. We genuinely care about everyone who walks through our doors. We treat everyone like family, and we firmly believe that you deserve our very best efforts in order to get the best smile possible. We work extremely hard with that goal in mind, but we also have a lot of fun doing it!

With that in mind, we invite you to take a look around!


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