We have some stuff to talk about because today is an extra special day. It’s Megan’s birthday today!! ?

Let us count the ways we love her. Megan is our Financial Coordinator, but she’s also Brittani’s sister. She is a football-loving mom who still remembers what her AOL screenname was (you aren’t still using those CDs, are you?) If she could go back to the ’90s, or any other time, she would. She says she used to watch Maury growing up – the lie detector determined…that it’s true!

Megan also likes boxing, and we’d like to say she knocks us out every day with her presence -we love her so much! And she thinks the same about the people she works with and helps. We’re so grateful to work alongside Megan, and we hope that this is her best birthday so far.

Happy Birthday, Megan!!

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