If you’ve been to our San Jose, CA office lately, you might have seen a couple of our new faces! One of them is our new clinical assistant, Janice. Janice is a native of San Jose with three sisters and a passion for helping our patients and their families! She loves bonding with her co-workers and building relationships with patients. We KNOW you’re going to love Janice!

Here are five things everybody loves about Jocelyn: 

  1. Her biggest inspiration is her family, she says. “They’re all so hard-working and always motivated.”
  2. She loves the Disney movie “Onward” because she loves the storyline. But if you want to binge her favorite show, get ready for some scary suspense! Her favorite is Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” 
  3. Of all the amazing local restaurants in San Jose, she loves Q-pot the most. Korean BBQ is her favorite! 
  4. She loves watching basketball and volleyball the most. She says she loves the adrenaline rush of it all. 
  5. Her goal as a 10-year-old was to be an artist! She said she was interested in drawing and sketching.  

Join us in welcoming Janice to the Freeman Orthodontics family! 

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