If you’re wearing braces, why not put a little style into your smile? You can do that by picking the color or colors of your elastics, those tiny rubber bands that go around your braces brackets. Freeman Orthodontics has a braces color wheel for our many elastics, and you can choose which color is the right one for you, or you can mix and match! Choose a color that suits your personality! Which color is that? Let’s explore what each braces color says about your personality so that you can figure out your best braces colors! 

Let Your Braces Elastics Show Your Colorful Personality!

Did you know that certain colors say certain things about your personality? Certain braces colors are said to represent different personality types. Let’s take a look at what each braces color says about you! 

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Red Braces

Red is an energizing color that shows you have a pioneer spirit. You’re intense and ready to take on any challenge. It’s also the color of love, showing that you are a passionate, loving person. 

Black Braces

You are strong-willed, independent, and a person of power. You aren’t afraid to take charge of any situation, and you tend to be conservative. 

Dark Blue Braces

You tend to be very trustworthy and reliable. You also tend to be conservative and wary of trusting others at first, but once you know you can, you tend to be very loyal. You enjoy having a harmonious life, and you tend to be laid back. 

Light Blue/Turquoise Braces

You’re friendly and a great communicator. You are creative and sensitive, and you are known to be compassionate and caring of others. You like to open up to others emotionally. 

Green Braces

You’re a child of nature, and you love being one with the Earth. You’re kind and compassionate, but you don’t mind taking charge when a friend needs someone to lean on in a moment of crisis. You’re always open to learning new things.

Purple Braces

You’re generous and have a free spirit, and you tend to put others before yourself. You like to think and act outside the box. You have a quiet dignity about you as the royalty purple represents. You’re a truly sensitive soul. 

Pink Braces

Pink is a color of warmth, sensitivity, love, and generosity. People find you approachable and friendly, so you tend to have a strong social circle. You have a maternal instinct and find yourself caring for others whenever they need it. 

Orange Braces

You are a wild, free spirit who loves fun and lives a flamboyant life. You tend to express yourself artistically through bold choices like acting or painting. Your personality is as big as your heart, and you’re often full of energy. You’re definitely the life of the party! 

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Getting the Best Color for Your Braces in San Jose

One color may speak to you more than the others, but what if more than one color seems to suit you? No problem! If you’re getting braces in San Jose, CA with Freeman Orthodontics, you don’t have to be limited to one color throughout your treatment. You can choose from a variety of colors each time you visit! You don’t even have to limit it to one color. Why not choose your school colors? Or pick colors for an upcoming holiday? The possibilities are endless! 

Do keep in mind, though, that certain colors may not look as appealing. White or yellow, for example, can make your teeth look more yellow than they may already be. Certain shades of green or brown may look like you have something stuck in your braces. So proceed with caution on a few of these colors. Otherwise, the sky’s the limit on your creativity with your braces rubber bands!

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