Start Earning Smile Tokens!

We do everything we can to make sure you receive the best orthodontic treatment and enjoy the journey towards earning your new smile!

Every time you come and see us, you have a chance to earn Smile Tokens!

  • Earn one Smile Token if you do not have any broken or loose appliances, and you’ve been wearing rubber bands or headgear as instructed.
  • Earn one Smile Token for clean teeth and healthy gums
  • Earn one Smile Token for arriving on time
  • Earn one Smile Token for achieving academic excellence and participating in community service
  • Wearing outfits that match our monthly themes, and winning the office contests gives you more chances to earn additional Smile Tokens.

Save your Smile Tokens in your Freeman Bank and use them to buy all sorts of fun stuff from the Smile Store!

Download Smile Tokens Rules! Click on the image below:

pic11  - Braces and Invisalign in San Jose California - Freeman Orthodontics

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